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Flea Party (June)

Event Details
Flea Party
Lucky Plaza, #06-48B (Beside Jollibee)
304 Orchard Rd Singapore 238863
Every Day from 1st June 2017 to 30th June 2017

Weekdays - 1:00pm to 7:00pm
Weekends - 1:00pm to 7:00pm
Rental includes 1 table and 2 chairs

    What's Near

  • Within Shopping Mall


  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioning

Event Briefing for vendors

Event condition: Indoor and air-conditioned
Event scale: 30 booths
Allocation System: First come first serve (unless permanent tenant)
- Set up timing: 12pm onwards
- Vendors are strictly not allowed to enter the flea event area before 12pm to reserve booths by standing or placing personal properties at booths to act as reservation. All items that are placed as reservation will be removed by coordinators.
- Kindly prepare the Order Confirmation Email or Order ID No & identification card (Original) for our coordinators to verify when in queue.
- Vendors are not allowed to queue at any part(s) of Flea Party premises before 12pm on event day.
- Vendors who come before 12pm will be chased away either by Lucky Plaza Management or by Fleawhere coordinators
- Vendors are to leave flea party premises by 7pm, failure to do so will be asked to leave immediately.
- Strictly no sale of goods outside Flea Party premises at all times.
- Strictly no sale of goods while queuing outside of premises. Mall management will issue fines to vendors and Fleawhere is not responsible.
- Vendors may choose any available booth(s) on event day to set up.
- Vendors are not to rearrange the booths set by coordinators unless otherwise stated.
- Vendors are not allowed to occupy more than the number of booth(s) booked.
- Vendors are not allowed to placed personal properties in the event place overnight to act as a reservation tools. Coordinators have the right to remove all items found during housekeeping, and vendors will have to re-queue.
- Vendor(s) are to sell their clothings at least S$2 and above.

Other Event Specific Pointers
- Strictly no dumping of rubbish outside Flea Party shop premises. Violators will be prosecuted and fined S$1000. Vendors are to clear their own rubbish after event at all times. Rubbish dump can be found at the toilet or Level 3 waste disposal centre.
- No selling of items when in queue
- Sharing/Reselling of booths up to individual's discretion
- Sale of secondhand products are allowed
- No sale of hard liquor
- General Terms and Conditions for Vendors:

The following schedule illustrates the availability of the space.

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